Chandler, David, ed. A Guide to the Battlefields of Europe, vol. 1; Chilton Books, 1965.  A tourist's guide to the battlefields of Europe, with brief comments on the battles by major military experts.  If I were going to crib a description of the battle from only one place, this would be it.

Hibbert, Christopher, Agincourt, Dorset Press, 1978, ISBN 0-88029-054-4.  A somewhat (ahem!) imaginative description of Henry and the battle.  Contains a lot of information about the events surrounding the battle, such as the siege of Harfleur and Henry's march to Calais.  Appendices contain the complete text of Henry's Ordinances of War and Challenge to the Dauphin.  Some interesting but not overly useful illustrations.  Wildly pro-English viewpoint.

Peter N. Jones, The Metallography and Relative Effectiveness of Arrowheads and Armor During the Middle Ages.  "Materials Characterization", vol. 29, pp.111-117 (1992).  This is a periodical published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc., 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010.  Heavy metallurgy.

Stuart, Desmond, The Hundred Years War; the English in France 1337-1453; Atheneum, New York, 1978, ISBN 0-689-10919-9.  General overview of the Hundred Years War, with emphasis on personality issues.  Generally favors the French view.

Stuart, Desmond, Henry V, The Scourge of God; Viking, New York, 1988, ISBN 0-670-81174-2.  Fairly detailed biography of Henry.  Stuart doesn't like Henry very much.

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