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C, C++, Unix, Linux, Perl, CGI, CORBA, TCP/IP, distributed, Cisco, networking, sockets, IEEE 802.3, Ethernet, User Interface, Testing, Seminar, Proposal, H.323, XML, OSI, MMS, AJAX, LAMP, SCADA

Programming Background:

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Operating Systems:

       Sun OS/Solaris   (applications, systems)
       HP/UX   (applications, systems)
       Linux   (applications, systems)

Professional Associations:



8/89 - present.

Agincourt Computing, Silver Spring, MD. Principal Consultant.

Agincourt is my own consulting company.

The majority of my consulting work has been C, C++, and Perl program design, coding, testing and integration under UNIX and Windows NT. Recent UNIX assignments have been under Linux, Solaris, and HP/UX and have involved both system and application level programs on distributed systems.

Current projects include a SCADA communications security system using LAMP and AJAX/SOAP paradigms in C++ and a wireless automotive communications system implemented in C++ and Ruby. Other recent projects have been the communications, control, and video sections of a digital imaging/security system (written in C++ and Java/JSP/Struts), a large scale messaging system (written in Perl/XML/XSLT) and the communications sections of a document repository/processing system (C++, with SOAP and CORBA for interprocess communications). All of these were heavily distributed systems.

Specific other areas have included special-purpose communications protocols (H.323, NTCIP, ASTERIX), both embedded under VRTX and Windows CE and as services/daemons under Windows NT, Unix, and Linux. I have also done general file management and data transfer programs, including TCP/IP with CORBA and socket level programming, CGI programming in Perl, data entry/forms, both text/curses and X Windows/Motif based, object oriented data handling, and SNMP network management.

Other assignments have included formal test plan development and test supervision, proposal writing, large scale network planning, seminar development and teaching, and serving as consultant on the design of an Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 network analysis system.

Until the start of 1998, I was a Cisco Certified Instructor for their Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration, Advanced Cisco Router Configuration, and Installation and Maintenance of Cisco Routers courses.

All of this work has been in time- and performance- critical areas. Some of this work has been done independently and some through various brokers (W2).


Corporation for Open Systems International, McLean, VA, Member, Technical Staff.

COS was an industry consortium dedicated to accelerating the acceptance of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Open System Interconnection (OSI) data communications protocols.  I worked with COS's test systems for local area network (LAN) protocols.  This included hardware and software design and construction, documentation, and integration, abstract and executable test case development, and test operation.

I designed, built, and operated COS's test systems for IEEE 802.2 and IEEE 802.3 and I supervised the writing of executable test cases for COS's IEEE 802.4 (Token Bus) test system, writing about two thirds of them myself.

In other matters, I was on COS's informal internal Network Committee which set up COS's main engineering network and considered ways of fixing the problems that arose in a new network.  This network was a Sun 3 based Ethernet network, with three servers and about 40 Sun 3/50 diskless workstations.  I also taught the technical section of COS's public "Introduction to OSI" seminars at various locations around the country and represented COS at meetings of the IEEE 802 LAN standards committees.


E Systems, Melpar Division, Falls Church VA. Principal Engineer.

Melpar is a large defense systems developer, doing mostly classified work.  They are now a part of Raytheon.  At Melpar, I worked on a number of programs involving hardware and software development, both for internal use and for Melpar's customers.  This included an embedded microprocessor controlled airborne receiver, a simple digital speech processor, and a variety of computer interfaces.

The major project that I was involved with at Melpar was a high performance CSMA/CD LAN.  I developed a network monitoring station from preliminary specification through installation and documentation and ported an ISO-model seven layer protocol to this network.  I was also technical lead on the advanced version of this LAN, providing architectural direction and general guidance, as well as being responsible for the real-time embedded code that interfaced directly with the hardware.  This project made extensive use of software engineering techniques for design, testing, and maintenance.

During my time at Melpar, I held a Secret clearance.


ELINFA, Inc., Washington DC, Chief Engineer.

ELINFA was a small company that made a variety of equipment for the blind.  I was in charge of the design and US production of their electronic Braille equipment.  The design work covered hardware and software design for moving ELINFA's products from random logic to an embedded microprocessor.  The products were all portable and battery powered, so they all had severe size and power constraints.  I also set up arrangements for US based production of the entire product line.  In addition, I was in charge of the office when the president and Vice President were out of town (which was quite often), and I represented ELINFA at a number of trade shows.


Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA. Electrical Engineer.

The branch that I worked for was in charge of technical support for the Electronic Warfare Range, Roosevelt Roads, PR.  I did general digital design for interfaces to the Range's embedded minicomputers.  This involved general TTL design, testing, documentation, and production monitoring.  I also assisted in the evaluation of proposals.

At NSWC, I held a Secret clearance.

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